Shilpi Rana
TitleJunior Librarian
Area of InterestLibrary development
Library sectionAcquisition Section

About me

I have started my professional career with the Indian School of Business, Mohali as an Intern in Dec 2015. I have worked for this prestigious institute for two years(up to Dec 2017) and learned all the section work. In ISB, I have handled different responsibilities, including helping users in literature search, handling queries on business databases, processing books and journals, preparing circulation statistics, compiling database usage reports, etc. There I have learned about the VTLS library management software. I have also assisted senior staff members with hosting the ETBL conference at the Mohali campus.

After completing my internship, I moved to Eternal University, Himachal Pradesh, as an Assistant Librarian in Jan 2018. The Eternal university is a private university in Himachal Pradesh established with an intention to educate the girls of that region. There I have worked for the acquisition section. My primary responsibility was to look after the book procurement, classification, and cataloguing. Also, I was responsible for frequent spiritual book displays for the newly joined students. I have worked for the university for 17 months and left the institute in June 2019.

After a few weeks from leaving the Eternal University, I have joined Central Secretariat Library as a professional assistant in July 2019. I have just worked for this library for a month and moved to Op Jindal Global University in August 2019. As I have moved in a month and it was a contractual post, they did not issue any experience certificate.

I have been working for our institution since Aug 2019. After a month of joining, the director instructed me to work with the E-resource team. I have experience in document delivery service to book classification and cataloguing in our library. I am well-versed with most of our library’s services to the JGU community. All total, I have experience of more than six-year.

Below are my educational qualifications.

  • Master in Library & Information Science from the Central University of Himachal Pradesh, Dharmsala.
  • PGDCA from Himachal Pradesh University, Shimla.
  • Bachelor of Arts from Himachal Pradesh University, Shimla.
  • Intermediate from H.P.B.S.E. Dharamshala.