The circulation section of the Global Library has been automated using a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) system.

Borrowing/Returning/Renewing: Head to the RFID kiosk located in the main library. Place your books on the designated area, and the kiosk will handle the rest. It reads the RFID tags embedded in your books, automatically completing your transaction.

ID issued by the university is required: Please note that you’ll need your University ID card to use the kiosk. This ensures authorized access and secure transactions.

Transaction receipts: Please submit the print transaction slip generated by the kiosk at the security desk near the library entrance. This is for our records.

Email notifications: Keep an eye on your inbox. We’ll send you an email notification confirming each transaction.

RFID gates: The library entrance is equipped with RFID security gates to ensure proper check in/out of materials.