TitleDeputy Librarian
Area of InterestLibrary services and Operations, Reference services & Collection development, Information Literacy, Library Data Management
Library sectionCirculation Section

About me

I am an experienced library professional with a strong academic background. I hold a Postgraduate Degree in Library and Information Science (M.LIB) from Kurukshetra University and a bachelor’s degree from M.D. University Rohtak.

11.5 years of experience in classification, cataloging, library data management, stock verification, collection development, and user services at O P Jindal Global University.

As a dedicated library professional, I actively engage in various aspects of library management, encompassing Library Data Management, Research and Publications Management, Library Acquisitions, and Technical and Circulation Services. Proficiency in using library management software such as KOHA has been an integral part of my skill set.

Over the years, I have acquired extensive knowledge and practical experience in library management and operations. This expertise has empowered me to effectively manage library operations and maintain a diverse and valuable collection of books.

Overall, my educational background and years of experience in library science have equipped me with the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in managing library operations and curating an exceptional book collection.