Please make an effort to return the books or other materials you borrowed from the library on or before the due date.

Overdue charges will be levied if one fails to return the library materials on or before the due date.

To help you avoid overdue charges, we’ll email you a reminder about upcoming due dates of the materials you have borrowed. 

Regular overdue alerts will be issued if you have not returned the borrowed books, and prolonged overdue will lead to account blocking.

Keep an eye on your inbox on alerts from the circulation section of the library.

Overdue charges can be settled through online banking; we do not accept cash. Please contact the in-charge of the circulation section for the bank details.

Once payment is made, provide the payment receipt to the section in-charge for updating your account.

Members are requested to clear overdue charges at the end of every semester. Additionally, any uncleared accounts for a long time may lead to blocking account.

Please ensure prompt settlement to avoid any inconvenience.