The Scholars Portal, is a platform which features the academic and scholarly achievements of individuals affiliated with different schools at JGU. This portal serves as a discovery system, enabling users to search and explore the research areas and academic activities of JGU faculty members and research scholars.

One’s profile within the portal includes contact information and links to ORCID, Google Scholar, LinkedIn, ResearchGate, and other relevant profiles. We are constantly expanding the range of information available in scholar’s profiles.

To curate these profiles, the library team gathers data from various reliable sources. The first version of faculty profiles is created using CVs. JGU scholars can edit and personalize their profiles, ensuring that their expertise and scholarly achievements are accurately represented.

Scholars Portal is built using VIVO which is an open source software and an ontology for representing scholarship.


The Scholars Portal enhances the visibility of JGU scholars’ expertise both within and outside of JGU.

It helps scholars discover potential collaborators by browsing departments or people, and searching by keywords or subject areas.

The portal employs an efficient “do it once, and use it often” approach, reducing the burden of repetitive data entry for scholars.

And, at the administrative level it can help one in desinging new courses, benchmarking, reporting and strategic decision making.