Situated in the Sajjan Jindal Academic Block (Levels 1-3), the Global Library primarily focuses on fulfilling the informational needs of the JGU community, encompassing faculty, students, and researchers. To achieve this goal, the library team is committed to two closely linked objectives.

Local access to global information – The Global Library empowers the JGU community with a broad selection of proprieatory and open information resources which include books, journals, films, and databases published around the globe. Also the Library offers JGU researchers with the specialized tools, software, and platforms that transform their curiosity into impactful scholarship.

Global access to local information – Enhancing the impact of JGU research by showcasing it to a global audience is the second important objective of the Global Library. This involves developing and maintaining interoperble platforms and technologies that make JGU research outputs easily accessible and discoverable webwide by scholars and researchers worldwide.

These objectives are brought to life by the Global Library’s dedicated team that connects knowledge and users through targeted training programs, workshops, and services in both physical and virtual spaces.


To enrich the creative ambiance within the Imaginarium, located in the Savitri Jindal Faculty Office Block, the Global Library has curated and displayed over 5,500 carefully chosen books along the shelves lining the walls of the ground floor and mezzanine level. The showcased collection possesses depth and value as it includes works by esteemed individuals, donations from distinguished scholars like Soli Sorabjee, and very rare books.

The curated collection of books in the Imaginarium is open for exploration and access to all members of JGU – students, faculty, scholars, and others. The Imaginarium Library is essentially a reference library, and reading is encouraged within the Imaginarium, with seating available on both the ground and mezzanine levels.