The Global Library engages in experiments with diverse open source scholarly publishing platforms, carefully analyzing their features to identify suitable options for building services aligned with our specific requirements. For example, the library team collaborated with the editors of three JGU journals, namely Jindan Journal of Public Policy, Jindal Journal of International Affairs, and the Global Advances in Victimology and Psychological Studies, to facilitate the migration of their journal operations to Open Journal System, developed by the Public Knowledge Project. Also, we have set up a public policy preprint server called PreServe using Open Preprint System.

With the rise of digital technologies and the growing demand for open access to scholarly information, the Global Library has expanded its services to include publishing as part of its offerings. This entails providing support for the production of digital journals, monographs, conference proceedings, and preprint servers. The publishing services adhere to open access principles and rely on open source software solutions. This expansion enables the Global Library to effectively meet the changing requirements of the scholarly community at JGU while emphasizing the accessibility and wide dissemination of scholarly information.

JGU scholars are encouraged to utilize the library’s comprehensive publishing program, which offers support for organizing conferences through the Open Conference System and assistance with publishing monographs using the Open Monograph System. Additionally, the Global Library has a team of experts in content management systems who can provide guidance and support to individuals or groups interested in establishing blogs, news services, and websites.

The library team is available to assist throughout the entire process, ensuring clarity and effective implementation of these services. By leveraging the library’s expertise, JGU scholars can create compelling digital platforms to enhance their communication and dissemination efforts, reaching a broader audience and fostering meaningful engagement within their respective fields of expertise.