Michael J. Sandel is a renowned political philosopher at Harvard University. He’s famous for his ingenious contributions to the fields of ethics, democracy and justice. His works are not only popular in academic circles but have also had profound impact on readers all around the world to rethink the much-debated social issues surrounding morality, from a novel perspective, thereby exposing audience to new ways of thinking and discourse.

In his latest work, he questions the orthodox understanding of meritocracy by expressing, that by placing excessive importance on merit, it inadvertently results in undermining the common good. He substantiates this by arguing that, over the years society has placed meritocracy on a higher pedestal, which has subsequently resulted in widening of economic and social disparities, thereby damaging the very fabric of society. “Tyranny of Merit” introduces the reader to the idea of merit in a completely different light in our daily lives and reappraise our understanding of the notions of justice and fairness. While doing so, Sandel urges the readers to strive towards building a society which is equitable and inclusive.

I highly recommend that you add this book to your reading list as it offers resourceful insights on a contemporary issue plaguing the society and at the same time prompts us to introspect our collective responsibilities.

From Prof. C Raj Kumar, Vice Chancellor, O P Jindal Global University

This is book is available in the Global Library: https://koha.jgu.edu.in/cgi-bin/koha/opac-detail.pl?biblionumber=1282266